About US

A start-up initiated by Prof. Dharmendra Singh, IIT Roorkee under Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development(TIDES) scheme of IIT Roorkee.

To detect as well as identify the targets without contacting it is the most demanding thing of the current world. These demands are from defense as well as from civilian. Dirghadhi Technology Pvt Ltd. (DTPL) has primary aim to provide a cost effective solution for this with development /consulting for the following products

  • Satellite Based Agriculture Information System (SBAIS)
  • ICT / IT Based Solution
  • Drone Based Application for different application like precision agriculture monitoring, railway track monitoring, Project Monitoring
  • Radar Absorbing Material For Stealth Application
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Through the Wall Imaging Radar
  • RF / Microwave Components and Antenna

Another challenging task which DTPL will deal that is for stealth technology development and its application like development of Camouflage Net, Radar Absorbing Materials and efficient application of Electromagnetic Technique like Frequency Selective Surfaces for stealth. Company will provide the customized solution for stealth application.

GPR and TWI are in very much demand from defence, Paramilitary Forces, Police, Homeland Security and Civilian sector. Still in India, no company is making these products and the product which is available by worldwide is very expensive. So, the developed product by DTPL will certainly attract a good market in India as well as in rest world.

Indian economy is very much based on agriculture. The developed Satellite Based Agriculture Information System (SBAIS) is very much useful to government sector as well as insurance and other sector. It will be quite useful for Fasal Bima Yojana. Company like MahendraTech, MaxBupa etc are showing quite interest in this project.

Increasing demand of Drone based solution is the current need in various sector like precision agriculture, railway track monitoring etc. So the solution provided by the company has great potential in the market. Market for stealth application in India and rest world is taking too much attention. Still India is buying the camouflage net from abroad where it is having big demand from defense sector where as Radar absorbing materials are in good use for defense sector as well as for EM shielding.

To begin with, we will be having orders from education sector, companies like Bharat Forge, Raksha Supreme, MahendraTech etc. The company will provide the order based product.

Currently team has 04 members which is supported by 15-20 students (JRF/PHD/M.tech). Team has enough experience and well balanced to deal the various mentioned products. The founder Prof. Dharmendra Singh has considerable experience to deal various projects and development of products with its market values. All three members will take care of each domain i.e., marketing, strategy, finance and development plan. We have already developed these products, so we can directly contact to the concern companies as well as the user for selling it. GPR and TWI may be in good use for education and civilian purpose which will give good start to company. Raising funds may be taken care by collaborating various companies and Govt. sector.